Saturday, 17 May 2008


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Creatively, digitally, altruistically, commercially and pedagogically, Brain Milk has been a bit of an experiment. From the fact that around 150 of you keep coming back every day together with all your lovely emails, it seems to have been successful.

As you may have picked up on from various posts, I am dubious of the current way things are done when it comes to work throughout the year and revision - mostly solipsistically and without any 'top down' - to steal a popular cognitive term - feedback. That is, alone and without any input from people who have done it already. The revision wheel is continually reinvented, which seems rather pointless.

However, it does genuinely interest me how my twenty minutes a day of babbling affects you lot. So, I have put a poll over on the right to see the results of my little experiment. I realise I have been a bit naughty with the framing of third question, but you get the idea: best to worst as you go down. And don't worry it's completely anonymous - Google Analytics tells me a lot about you but not who you are (yet).

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