Thursday, 5 June 2008

Well it's all over (for most of you anyway, sorry Consciousness people - not long!). Feels amazing, eh?

I don't like letting things whimper out so I thought I would officially end the blog.

I really hope that you got something out of it, that you learned a little about how to better prepare and handle all those scary exams. And if none of that happened, well, there were some pretty pictures.

My man on the inside says I may have bummed out a few of you a bit by being freakishly keen. I suppose I'll apologise for the anxiety but I wont for setting a standard. Life's brief. Excellence is worth doing.

And on that lofty note, I will wish you all the best and log out.

P.s. If you are scratching your head about post-Bristol life and you are interested in a job with a sprinkling of both logic and magic,
you might like to find out about Account Planning. It's perfect for psychologists interested in business, brands, ideas, communication, media and wearing trainers to work. If it takes your fancy, contact me for more info. If it really takes your fancy, come and work for Dare (applications open October), where you'll bump into me.