Saturday, 4 April 2009

What is Brain Milk?

Simply, it's a blog to help the Experimental Psychology student out by someone who has done it already, namely me, Will. Hi.

I wrote it because people were asking me too many questions and answers were mentally writing themselves while I was trying to get some sleep; Brain Milk was a ploy to answer all questions with a simple link to this page and in so doing get some more shut-eye.

I also like helping. The revision wheel is continuously reinvented and that seems to me a horrible waste of time, especially as the sun makes its brief British appearance just around the time when you have to disappear into libraries to revise.

So with the aim of getting you some more fresh air - and maybe some more marks - here's where you should start, clicking 'Newer posts' at the bottom of each post will eventually get you back to here.

For those of you who wish to be a little more selective here's a list of tags to quickly jump to specific areas:

1 comment:

Luke Alexander said...

Cool! Eventhough I am not a Psychology student, this one can be of help(the lists). Thanks for sharing it here.