Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Getting started

Hello! Welcome and all that. This is a blog. Some of you wont have seen one before. For those who have, skip to the next paragraph. If you haven't let me take off the digital blindfold and explain. Things appear here when I write them. Things over there on the right keep everything organised and let you generally hop about between posts and other things out there in the digital world.

Now, if I were you I would be asking three questions: who is this guy, why is he doing this blog malarkey and why should I listen to anything he has to say. So, first, I'm Will. I did Experimental Psychology at Bristol and graduated last year. So I am hot off the press.

Second, the whole revision and exam process is a punch in the face that sends you reeling for a good couple of months and when you have got your balance back someone important is handing you a certificate, and then it's all over.

This blog is about either nimbly side-stepping that punch in the first place or at least only letting it deliver a glancing blow. Like it says on the tin, it's a place where I wring out little drips of soothing revision goodness from my experience and give them to you.

It's my good deed to society and something I wish had existed when I was an undergraduate. I also happen to get great pleasure from writing and think doing this will sate my inner pedagogue. I suppose it's a commerical venture too because I make a wee bit from the ads on the side, which is good because my proper job (at Dare) doesn't start until October. Mostly though, I want to do this out of the belief that the revision wheel doesn't have to be reinvented the whole time.

And the third question: why listen to me? Well, driving in complete darkness is not a good idea. I want to spread a little light and each of you can spread a little light. That way everything becomes a bit clearer and all those unasked anxiety-inducing questions can be voiced and hopefully there will be less accidents or at least less bad driving. Another reason is this and the Facebook group will take the edge off what can be a very lonely process.

The lone student. I like pictures. I'll be using lots of them.

But that only half answers the question because I haven't told you why listen to me, why trust whatever I have to say? Well, put simply, what I did worked. It worked well. In fact, (prepare for some trumpet blowing) it worked the best out of the 2007 psychology graduates. What I say should therefore carry some weight.

It's important to say up-front you are not going to find any answers here, just ways of arriving better answers by yourself. I am not in the business of corrupting the academic process. I really hope you get something out of this blog. I want it to calm you down, get you ready, improve your marks and get you excited to think and write about the sexiest science there is.

Let's begin...

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